Bach Flower Remedies for Horse and Rider

The emotions of the rider and the horse can be at the root of many behavioral, training, or performance issues. Negative emotions can block communication, and thus the ability to achieve the goals that have been set. Bach Flower Essences provide gentle energetic clearing, and work to bring out the positive potential of any situation while encouraging the release of limitations and weaknesses. The Bach Essences can be used by both horse and rider to enhance emotional harmony and to address common issues such as fear, impatience, and lack of focus or confidence.

A horse lover and rider from an early age, I have great respect for all disciplines and levels of horsemanship.

I established Lucky August Farm in Alfred, Maine in the spring of 2000, named for my great grandfather who was a thoroughbred racing enthusiast.

Through years of riding, training, and care taking, I have discovered that my highest interest and calling lies in equine wellness and the horse/rider relationship.

I believe that emotional wellness in both horse and rider enhances the relationship and helps to solve many of the difficulties so commonly experienced.

My training and experience with Bach Flower Essences has given me great confidence in their subtle and effective results. Although the primary focus of my practice is flower essences, I am also a certified Reiki practitioner and have studied animal communication with an internationally known animal energy worker.

These modalities are complimentary to my work with the essences, and may be a part of any consultation depending on the circumstances of the case and wishes of the client.

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